Coming Soon !!! - Generational Wealth Creation - by Mbi Mbapeh



The Kingdom Enterprises is a TV show which is structured in a Talk Show/Profile format and will focus on Enterprises that are Conceived, Built and Run for the enhancement of God’s kingdom. The show will take a look at a variety of elements especially how Kingdom Entrepreneurs are making their mark in the marketplace without compromising their ultimate believe of our Lord and Savior. We take a look at the marketplace through the eyes of Christians who are participant. It will have conversations, profiles of their companies and how they are contributing to populating and spreading the gospel of the kingdom of God. In short, how do they do it?



  • The Education of the body of Christ of Kingdom Business principles.
  • To role model Enterprises whose DNA is for the Kingdom of God and all its benefits
  • To give Kingdom Enterprises the opportunity to stop the practice of operating in the marketplace undercover.
  • To provide mentorship and coaching for other up and coming kingdom Entrepreneurs on how to do business with biblical principles and make a success of it
  • To Provide a platform for Kingdom Generational Wealth transfer.
  • To provide a platform to nurture ‘Kid Entrepreneurs’ to build their businesses on kingdom principles