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Banking Technology

Our Mobile Branchless banking models is a banking distribution channel strategy which we use for delivering financial services without relying on bank branches. Our model is reliant on a local banking partner. The branchless network gives customers a broader range of channels through which they can access financial services. Our target is for the UNBANKED and the UNDERBANKED of the world especially in emerging markets.


Internet / WIFI

EndlessLife Investment is South African based Enterprise Development and Technology Solutions Company in collaboration with its technical partners SUM Africa, have developed a solution for the effective expansion, funding, deployment and Management of utilities. This includes telecommunications which we have dubbed “The 5th Utility” as the foundation required to implement an operating environment that is smart and sustainable.



Streetlight Management

Our streetlight Management Solution will

·         Monitoring performance of streetlight network and GEO clock

·         Weekly and Monthly reporting to Municipality on status of streetlights (Reporting and format to be tailor fitted to Municipality requirement)

·         Distribution losses can be calculated because consumption is measured at source and on the street lights