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Building your Business as an Asset of Value


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Whilst passion is vital, purpose is even more important. Building your business today in such a way that will enable you to successfully sell it in the future means starting with the end in mind. 94.6% of businesses started can never get sold because they lack the fundamentals of what a business buyer is looking for in a business to buy.


They never grow to the next level but remain in survival mode. As a Kingdom Entrepreneur / Enterprise, there is no reason why over time your business should just survive. Your purpose from the start should be to build an Asset of Value that can be sold or transferred to the next generation. All kingdom enterprises should have that as a default in the way in which they are built. Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and many Kingdom Entrepreneurs including Jesus the King of Kings built their businesses following these principles and experienced tremendous growth.


Kingdom Enterprises are built from the ground up or transferred from one generation to the next. This is a business that goes beyond surviving, to thriving, businesses need steady revenues, stable operations built off solid systems, and the right people. This allows the business owner to work ‘on’ the business and not ‘in’ it. If you aren’t spending your time growing your business, nobody else is!


It’s also a business that can be successfully sold for a premium price now or in the future and equally transferable to the next generation.  As business owners, our businesses are our pensions. We should build them with that end in mind. The ultimate reward of your creativity, sacrifice, risk and investment should be your successful exit from the business. Let us help you in building your kingdom Enterprise